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Tarelle Iwrin

Assistant Director of Talent Development
Tarelle Irwin is the Assistant Director of Talent Development and Apprenticeships for FortyX80, a Pittsburgh Technology Council nonprofit arm. Tarelle is focused on creating alternative pathways to high-paying tech jobs for underrepresented individuals, particularly those from Black and minority backgrounds.

Tarelle's own journey to success was not easy, having worked his way up through labor-intensive positions such as oil and gas, plastics, manufacturing, and commercial driving. However, he persevered, and his past experiences have allowed him to bring a unique perspective to his current role.

Tarelle's passion for eliminating the barriers that often prevent minorities from pursuing STEM careers is deeply rooted in his own personal experience.

Through his leadership in the tech apprenticeship program at FortyX80, he is providing opportunities for individuals who may not have followed the traditional college path to enter the industry.

Tarelle's work in the STEM field is not only needed but also a vital contribution to breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for underrepresented groups. He is helping to build a more equitable and diverse future for the tech industry.

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