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Edwin Goutier

I specialize in social innovation, strategy, productization of services, and digital product management. I strive to be the go-to colleague for anyone in the organization trying to think through a complex problem. In every role I've been in, I push for diversity, equity, and inclusion to be core to our operating model. And I truly love and value my people.

I have a history of leadership growth throughout my career. Still, I have found myself at odds with the dominant culture in corporate America.

It may be, in part, because I love saying, "I don't know." To me, it signifies the beginning of a journey to learn something new. But in most corporate leadership roles, even in a nonprofit, that puts me in a precarious situation. Our world often values certainty over curiosity, and bluster over vulnerability in our leaders.

Luckily, I found my way to my first innovation role. Our teams turn "I don't know" into possibility and hope. I've had the honor of leading an innovation team at America's largest nonprofit organization where we were honored with our first Fast Company "Most Innovative Companies" award. That experience helped me realize every employee, across every sector, deserves the chance to be an innovator, to feel what I felt. 

Today I'm focused on making innovation a dominant feature of the employee experience for the global workforce, and not a privilege for a lucky few.

My mission in life is to change the world. Supporting innovators is how I think I'll get there. Connect, follow, and message me if you agree or want to learn more.

My Speakers Sessions

Tuesday, April 25

11:00am EDT


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