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Duncan Rowe

The Regional Municipalilty of York
Manager, Analytics and Applied Mapping - Geographic Information Services
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

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Duncan Rowe is a committed and passionate leader for York Region in Geographic Information Services. In some way or form over the last 15 years Duncan has brought value to the services offered by the Region by championing spatial thinking. He believes in the value of data and the power of analytics to better serve the public. Duncan has shaped his career recognizing geography is the best way to integrate the diversity of data that governments use. Using the common lens of location helps to discover patterns, insight and communicate complex messages easily to senior executives, elected officials and the public. Duncan is committed to building strategic partnerships to help government and others share their data to support transparency and fact-based decisions.

I like to talk about all things local government GIS, including:
Program Management
Visual / Location Analytics
Capacity Building
Performance Measures
Web Mapping

On a personal note, I am passionate about:
My daughters thriving "being all they can be" in University
Adventure Motorcycling
Sports, especially soccer (Tottenham Hotspur), football, basketball
The great things about the USA and Canada
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